Coastal Energy Biofuel is the first commercial Enzymatic Transesterification Processing facility in North America. What does this mean? It means that we use enzymes instead of chemicals to create our biofuel. This leads to a cleaner bi-product, minimal to no wastewater or chemical discharge and low energy requirement to produce liquid biofuels.

What is an enzyme? It’s a protein consisting of a folded strand of amino acids. In nature, enzymes are responsible for all the biochemical reactions within living organisms, including breakdown of food and tissue generation. 

How do enzymes help create biofuel? The enzymatic technology enables biofuel producers to produce high quality biofuel from oils with any concentration of FFA (Free Fatty Acids) from 0-100% and it remains efficient in a moisture-rich environment.

In addition, the enzyme catalyst is highly specific, thus enzymatic transesterification produces no unwanted side products like polymers and oxidation compounds, though these might enter the process as part of the low quality feed.


What are the advantages of using  biofuel? Blending biofuel with your home heating oil is safe and provides a cleaner, more complete and energy efficient burn. It has been proven that using a blended fuel can extend equipment life and reduce periodic maintenance intervals. It is also created right here in Ellsworth, which in the long run will create more local jobs!

Will you need to make modifications to your current heating system? No! Biofuel’s performance and properties are the same as your current fuel and maintenance is standard. However, biofuel does act like a cleaning agent, so if you have an old oil tank with settlement on the bottom of the tank, you may need to replace your oil filters more frequently.

Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint? If the answer is yes, give us a call today!