Have you every questioned if you should have your heating system serviced each year? Or have it done during the summer and fall months? Coastal Energy is here to explain to you about the benefits you’ve been missing out on.

Furnace tune-ups, especially preseason tune-ups, are vital to ensure that your furnace operates effectively, without complications during the cold winter months.

Why is the timing of your tune-up so important?

  1. HVAC contractors are at their busiest once the heating season arrives and homeowners start running their furnaces twenty-four hours a day. During this time frame, homeowners who have failed to get their system ready for the winter start to experience breakdowns and call their local HVAC contractor to fix the problem. Because of this, you may be looking at over time hour rates or experience a long wait for an appointment.
  2. During the summer and fall season, HVAC contractors have more availability for scheduling your tune-up and give your furnace the attention that it needs before the heating season begins.

What Coastal Energy’s technician will do during a summer/fall tune-up:

  1. A tune-up will include a full-scale inspection of the system to identify any problem areas and replace necessary components that begin to wear out due to usage.
  2. The technician will conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the entire heating system, to remove any residue buildup to reduce friction and wear and tear. This will enhance the efficiency of your heating system.
  3.  Coastal Energy’s technician will also inspect any additional components to your heating system, such as humidifiers and air cleaners.

The benefits from annual tune-ups:

Regular service to your system will guarantee that your system will perform efficiently during the heating season. If you, like many have neglected your heating system the last few years, it is not too late to get in on the benefits of annual tune-ups by starting regular tune-ups now. Benefits of annual tune-ups include the following:

  1. Better furnace efficiency: Dirt is the number one enemy of your heating system. It will rest on the components like the motor, air handler or heat exchanger, which will create friction. This friction will cause the system to consume more energy and increase the wear and tear on your furnace.
  2. Extended life: Manufactures state that a furnace system should typically last around 15 years. However, manufacturers only assign an expected life span to heating systems under ideal conditions, meaning that you must maintain the furnace to achieve those expectations. Many HVAC experts believe that homeowners can extend that life expectancy of their heating system by up to five years, just by performing annual tune-ups during the off season.
  3. Low lifetime costs: With regular maintenance, you can ensure that you will keep the lifetime costs low, or even non-existent, and you will see and increase in your energy savings.

Want to start scheduling a summer/fall furnace tune-up? Contact us today and we will make sure you system is ready for the winter season.